Friday, August 11, 2017

Are You Happy?

  It's been some time since I was last on here, but want to journal my thoughts from what was asked me. The other day my husband Bob asked me, "Are you Happy Rose" I thought for a moment and answered yes I am Happy. I think that I could be happier, I am not happy about certain things in my life but that is what we are here for, to figure out how to overcome trials, tribulations, and how are we going to handle it? As for, Am I happy with my life? Yes! I wouldn't want someone else's life whose might be worse or better or with anyone else. My life was given to me to do the best I can with, to overcome, to figure out, to learn and grow and to become better, to Live like Christ would want me to live. I pray daily for good health, for my family and friends and happy days. Now, just because I prayed about it and believe in Christ, is that all it takes to be Happy. I don't believe so, I believe it is a HUGE part of being happy but I have to act on the things I pray for and believe in. I have to exercise physically and spiritually. I believe we were sent here on earth to go through life to choose good or bad and decide what to do after those choices. I am Happy that I have the gospel in my life, I am Happy for the family that I have, I am Happy with my choices in friends and I am Happy that I am working towards an eternal life. and to never give up. To gain a better understanding and relationship with my Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ
So, Yeah! I'm Happy....😊 
Great Article to read from Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf entitled "Of Things that Matter Most"

Monday, March 27, 2017

Impossible to I'm Possible....")

    This has been a long journey, going to college was a frightening thing. But because I know that there was a reason for me to go and that I listened to that still small voice I did what I thought would be the impossible. For whatever the reason, I learned soooo much. I had to learn to be brave, to be confident, to listen, to do, I had to learn to trust, love, and be true in all I do. It was not easy, It was hard, but with the hard came accomplishments and joys and headaches Ha ha....No really I am a whiner and a complainer and I owe so much to my family and closest friends for dealing with all the whinning and complaining and giving me the time and support I needed to get through this time in my life. When I first posted this quote on facebook, a friend showed me a neat little thing. If you look at the word "Impossible" in another way, you will see "Im" Possible isn't that cool. Never say something is impossible, it's only impossible when you quit trying. ")



 This is an old picture of when I graduated with my associates from NEO I thought I would use it since I didn't walk for my bachelors. ")

  Well, I did it! I graduated college from NSU, Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) site, Dec. 2016. It took a lot of time, persistence, courage, commitment, tears, fear, encouragement, lots of "You can do it" and lots of support, understanding and love from my family and friends. I can't express how much it meant to me and how much I needed each of you. I have learned so much from going to college, not just from out of the books but on friendships, family, government, my own self and how I deal with life. I learned to trust in others but mainly my relationship and testimony with my Savior has grown ten fold. 
   At first I felt like I didn't do well because I changed degrees from what I started with. Honestly I felt embarrassed and defeated and a friend said to me "nothing to be embarrassed about, it just goes to show you that not even tests are going to stop you from reaching your goal" And it's true, one thing I had to learn was to stop putting myself down for accomplishing the impossible (as I thought it to be), but the impossible became the possible because I didn't give up. It is truly a great feeling, a feeling I can't describe other than wonderful and a sense of accomplishment of something I always wanted to do and have completed. I have had thoughts that keep ringing in my head of "I DID IT"  You can do anything you set your mind to, I am proof of that, anyone can learn, anyone can do it ")

Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's A New Year! 2017

Happy New Year to Everyone

It's A New Year, New Beginnings, Fresh Start....What will we do, How will we live, What will we do to make it a better year than the year before?
    I am grateful for my life, and for the people in my life that share all the great things we learn and grow from.
    The past is, for us to learn from and grow from, so I saw an Idea that I will try to incorporate in my family (and pleas feel free to use it as well). I am going to get a jar and every Sunday ask all who are with us to write down something that happened that was good during the week and then fold it up and put it into the jar, until January 1, 2018. Then we will open up the Jar and read all the good things that happened in our lives during the year 2017. Isn't that a neat idea? I am going to give it a shot ")

   Happy New Year to the Best Family and Friends, So grateful to have you in my life to learn and grow with. Love to all and may it be a better and greater year than the year before. Wake up with a smile and attitude that "Today is a perfect day, to have a perfect Day")

Thursday, November 17, 2016


    WHEW! What a crazy couple of weeks WE as Americans have gone through! And I just want to share with those whom I love what I think of life, as a Mormon/American. I was born a Mormon in California (America) and I am proud of that, I have opinions, I have convictions, and I have a family (and friends) who I want to know how I feel about America and what my goals are to help America succeed as a country. What I feel and what I want to express as my opinions or who I voted for should be accepted as MY opinions and unless it is harmful to you I should not be persecuted for them. We didn't have much of a choice this election, but I felt it important to vote for someone who I felt could help our country, now, whether that person won or not, I have tomorrow to think about and what my day will be like. What can I do as a Mormon/American? How do I feel safe with what is going on in our country today?

     Well, first off as a Mormon and American I can love more and be an example to my family, friend's and acquaintances and through my beliefs, I will love everyone, I will not be contentious, I will obey the laws of the land, I will accept those who lead us as well as pray for them, that they use wise judgments for the good of our country, I will pray for those who feel afraid, who feel betrayed, who feel angry. I will exercise my faith because sometimes I feel afraid, betrayed and even angry but, when I include my Father in Heaven and my Savior, I know that it will all be okay! It will take some time but it will all be okay. I want to keep the adversary out of my life, he is real and he is out there in America so, this is what I hope to do every morning, I will keep that mean ole' devil out of my life and home.                             
OR HE....

Monday, October 17, 2016

Family, They Are So Good to Me....

Family, They Are So Good To Me

    I have a family here on earth, and they are so good to me, I want to be with them through all Eternity. So the song goes on that Families can be together forever. I am so thankful for the family that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the Family I have. They truly are so good to me, through all my troubles, depression is no fun and I want to express just how thankful I am that they forgive and love me through it all. I can get kind of ugly at times or I need some quiet time or to be left alone and they are ALL so very understanding. Sometimes I don't feel that I deserve such love, but that's what they do, they Love me and help me through those tough days. I love my family, they are so good to Me ") 
These kiddos are the best a Momma could ever ask for (they truly are so good to me).

 And then there's this guy, he is always saying "We're not perfect, but we're perfect for each other"
 He truly has been so patient and kind to me, not many husbands would put up with a nut like me ")
I Love Him Even More

Love My Family....

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Is Your Light On....

  IS THE LIGHT ON during your prayers? This thought came to mind during our Stake Womens Conf in Sept. 2016. Just before General Conf. in Oct. And I just have to say I love this simple truth, Is the light on in our souls, our Hearts and minds, is it in our countenance? Is it in our actions and deeds? Or more importantly is it on during our communications with our Heavenly Father. I have thought about this a lot and there is a talk that this Sister used at our Conf from Elder David A. Bednar about the "Spirit of Revelation" where he talked about....How light and darkness compare to the light and darkness within our communications with our Heavenly Father and being able to receive Revelation from Him.
  "Turning on a light switch can make things clearer and recognizable in the darkness of a room, in an instance it became light and clear. Whereas when we witness the (night) darkness slowly turning to light in the mornings, (a slow increase in light on the herizon). The light from the sun did not immediately burst forth as the light switch did, gradually and steadily the darkness of the night was replaced by the radiance of morning. The mornings were a gradual subtle and discernment of light

With these two thoughts of light we can learn about the spirit of revelation, Revelation is communication with God to his children here on earth, (This is where I had the thoughts of turning on my light to receive from my Father answers, directions and even revelations)."

Dreams, visions, conversations, and inspirations which is where my thoughts or where I had reacieved an impression that apparently I needed at this time in my life, THE WAY I PRAY AND COMMUNICATE WITH MY HEAVENLY FATHER. Is the Light on? I have found that as I got ready for bed that I turned my "light" off and got into my bed and then said a prayer. Hmmm, I thought at this conference that, that is exactly what I was doing in my heart, my mind and attitude as well, I was tired and was really turning my light off in me and it became vain repetitions. So, I now try to turn on my light on (in my room) and in my Heart and I kneel at my bedside (not in my bed, being all lazy about it). It has truly been a  "turning on the light" moment for me and how I communicate with my Father and that I can have my light on ALL day ")
  Having meaningful, heartfelt prayers with our Heavenly Father is essential to receiving revelations and answers to our prayers. DON'T PRAY IN DARKNESS praying with the light on (in the room as well) is helping me to turn my light on and REALLY PRAY (talk to Him) to my Father. Wait, ponder and listen for answers, take the tiime to feel Him.
  General Conf was so Awesome and the talks were so good and one in particular talked about praying was from Juan A Uceda of the Seventy said "These are sacred moments between you and your Heavenly Father and Are You REALLY PRAYING or JUST PRAYING?" Take the time to be sincere when you pray and think about what you are saying. This is what I will be striving to do, not to have vain repetions, think about my day and did I do any good, am I grateful for the things that happened, I am grateful for this new light, because I need it, I think we all need it in this day and time in our lives.
  This is an Awesome talk from Elder Bednar and you can find it on YouTube or probably google it and find it as well, but really, take time to listen to it or read it (The Spirit of Revelation, by David A Bednar)

The prophet Mormon warned that if anyone "shall pray and not wtih real intent of profiteth him nothing, for God receiveth none such" (Moroni 7:9) 
To make prayers more meaningful, you must pray with sincerity and "with all the energy of heart" (Moroni 7:48). Be careful to avoid "vain repetitions" when you pray (Matt. 6:7).

Give serious thought to your Attitude and to the words you use.  Use language that show's love and respect. Pray with real intent/ Have I Done any Good in the world today. David A Bednar~

How can I make daily prayer more meaningful? It’s a good question, and it’s one that applies to all of us. President Hinckley used to say that sometimes when we pray it’s like we’re picking up a phone, ordering groceries, and then we hang up the phone—we put in our order, and we don’t think any more about it than that. But if we take a few minutes just to think about our particular need in a given moment, then prayer becomes more meaningful. 
(Elder D. Todd Christofferson)